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PRP Therapy

When your body becomes injured, platelet cells in your blood are immediately directed to the site to begin repairs. Platelet cells attract the vital stem cells to the area that eventually form new tissue. 

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, abbreviated PRP therapy is a powerful concentration of these platelet cells that is injected into and around the site of injury to facilitate and expedite the process of healing. 

PRP Therapy Dallas is receiving quite a bit of information requests due to the use of PRP therapy by superstar athletes like Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Fred Couples, Cliff Lee, and Rafael Nadal. 

Just a small amount of a patient’s blood is all that is necessary to create the potent platelet-rich solution that is then injected into the site of injury. 

PRP therapy stimulates the healing mechanism of the body to repair damaged tissue, form new blood vessels and restore function after an injury. 

The risk of side effects or contamination is practically zero with PRP since the solution comes from your own blood plasma instead of a donor.

If you currently suffer with osteoarthritis, back and neck problems, tendinitis or bursitis, PRP therapy may help you. 

Current pain management techniques generally treat the symptoms and may include prescription pain medications, cortisone or corticosteroid injections as a way to alleviate pain. 

Any pain relief is usually short lived however, and requires repeated treatments in an effort to control the pain. PRP treatment accentuates your body’s own ability to heal itself, focusing the natural curative process on the cause instead of the symptoms, achieving pain relief through healing. 

As the healing is accelerated, so is the pain relief. Once the injury heals and you’re back on your feet and feeling better, there is no further need for pain medication. 

PRP has been used to treat many problems including chronic pain, injured tendons, ligaments and muscles, damaged cartilage and osteoarthritis. Platelet-rich plasma therapy may be the biggest breakthrough in medicine in our lifetime.

Professional Athletes

PRP contains endogenous growth factors, so some agencies consider it to be a performance-enhancing substance. The World Anti-Doping Agency and the United States Anti-Doping Agency have banned PRP injections in muscles because the Growth Factors could enhance a person’s performance. Major professional sports leagues have not yet addressed the topic of PRP, and PRP Therapy is common among most active players.


  • “He has helped my back a lot. It is all better. The pain is gone.”

    Dana C.
    Regenerative Therapy patient

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  • “I had major back surgery with complications. I was an 8-9 constant pain. I went to 5 different places with no results. After being treated by Dr. Wasserman, I can now perform my job, play golf and go about my life as normal.”

    Gerry P.
    Regenerative Therapy patient

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  • “Every doctor I had previously seen gave up trying to treat my pain. After seeing Dr. Wasserman, I now have constant relief and can operate daily without any side affects from the medication. I get to live normally and pain-free.”

    Kayle K.
    Regenerative Therapy patient

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  • “Before I went to Dr. Wasserman, I was having a lot of pain and limited to what I could do. After receiving treatment from Dr. Wasserman, I am now able to function well and do the things I love to do.”

    Paula B.
    Regenerative Therapy patient

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